2021 Speakers

S. Bear Bergman (he/him)
Flamingo Rampant
Anne Bowman (she/her)
Chelsea Green Publishing
Laura Chapnick (she/her)
House of Anansi Press and Groundwood Books
Kenn Enns (they/them)
Shelf Life Books
Tiana Field-Ridley (she/her)
Mental Health Commission of Canada
Noah Genner (he/him)
BookNet Canada
Kyrell Grant (she/her)
Penguin Random House Canada
Paige Gunning (she/her)
Penguin Random House Canada
Rina Hadziev (she/her)
Greater Victoria Public Library
EJ Hurst (she/her)
New Society Publishers
Zoe Kelsey (she/her)
House of Anansi Press and Groundwood Books
Erin Morice (she/her)
Halifax Public Libraries
Jason Purcell (they/them)
Glass Bookshop
Itah Sadu
A Different Booklist
Anna Trew (she/her)
Penguin Random House Canada
Meredith Tutching (she/her)
Ontario Library Association
Lisa Radha Weaver (she/her)
Hamilton Public Library
Erin Woodward (she/her)
The Girly Book Club
Aleks Wrobel (she/her)
Penguin Random House Canada




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